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Roger Ford - Rider Profile

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Name Roger Ford
Age34 (DOB 2/8/62)
Occupation Computer Software Specialist
Race Bikes TZ 250
Road Bikes TDM 850, FireBlade
Phone0181 394 0432
Mobile0385 728512

Roger Ford rides as part of Team MAG Sport. This is a branch of the Motorcycle Action Group, an activist organisation aimed at defeating the growing list of anti-motorcycle legislation. Traditionally, MAG has been associated mainly with the "custom" side of motorcycling, and MAG Sport's aim is to spread this appeal to sport motorcyclists. MAG and MAG Sport are affiliated to the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM).

Ford is 33 years old and lives in Ewell, Surrey. He has been riding sport bikes for fifteen years, and used to race trail bikes in enduros - long distance off-road events.

At the end of 1992, Ford decided to take the plunge into road racing, and a 250cc Kawasaki KR-1S was purchased and prepared over the winter for a debut at the British Motor Cycle Racing club's spring meeting at Lydden, Kent. A best position of fifth place at that first meeting provided an encouraging start.

In the first year, Ford quickly lost his novice status, and was often seen in the top ten of club level Supersport 400 races. Better results were difficult given the completely standard nature of the bike.

After the first season, the bike was sent to ace two-stroke tuner, Graham File of Hythe Motorcycles. Graham's magic transformed the bike, and for 1994 Ford could be seen regularly in the top three at club races. Although he wasn't competing seriously in any championships, Ford still managed fourth places in the both the BMCRC and the KRC Formula 400 championships - without competing in all the rounds of either series.

1995 was not a good year for championships, as a succession of problems with the KR-1S caused him to spend more time fixing it than racing. Nevertheless, he had a number of wins, and ended the season with a successful ride at the KRC 6-hour endurance race at Snetterton, riding a P&H Motorcycles FZR600 with insurance broker Gareth Piggott, and Andy Ibbott from Fast Bikes magazine.

Towards the end of 1995, Ford bought Sonja Parson's RGV250, and then at the end of the season he purchased Mick Finchams championship winning RGV as well.

In the 1996 season, Ford faced strong competition from Mark Jay and Darren Thomas, both riding Graham File tuned RGV's.

Ford came second in the Bemsee Formula Junior, after breaking his shoulder in France. He is now riding an Open Class Yamaha TZ250 for 1997.

Ford's bikes are tuned by tuned by Graham File, and maintained by mechanic Duncan Curd.

"I'm very grateful for the help Duncan's giving me this year" says Ford. "Not having to worry about the mechanical aspects leaves me free to think about the racing."

When asked about the association with MAG Sport, Ford replied "It's not so much a sponsorship deal, as a mutual support relationship.

"The Motorcycle Action Group still have an image problem with many sport bike riders. They are often seen as being appropriate only to the cut-off wearing custom rider, and yet it is sport riders who are likely to suffer the most from the type of legislation that MAG are fighting. MAG Sport are trying to change that image, and I support them 100% in that. I hope to provide them with publicity to achieve that end, and expect that I too will benefit from that publicity."

Roger Ford takes home the laurels at Lydden
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