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Team MAG Sport Race Report
Roger Ford, Croix, 13/14/6/96

Well, I have to apologise that the Web pages are haven't been updated much recently, but typing and lifting PC's around is difficult with one arm!

I broke my shoulder blade in Saturday practice at Bemsee's French meeting at Croix. I'd been putting in great times in Friday practice, but on Saturday, practice was wet, and a TZR rider lost it in front of me. I overbraked, and lost the front end very suddenly. I came down hard on my side, and was later told that I'd broken my right shoulder blade (scapula) in half, just under the ball socket where the right arm fits.

They say it's a rare break - but the only other major bone I've ever broken (we're not counting fingers and ribs, here), is the shoulder blade on the other side.

That stuffed me for the whole weekend, obviously, severely jeopardising my chances of winning either championship. It's still possible, but pretty unlikely, especially as I let rival Mark Jay ride my bike when his gearbox seized.

Fortunately, there is a seven week gap before the next meeting, and the shoulder seems to be mending well, so I'm pretty hopeful that I'll be out for the Lydden meeting at the end of August.

It does mean I won't be able to do the Keith Code race school (though I shall attend the classroom sessions), or the Nurburgring trip I had planned for August.

The good news is that the shoulder is surprisingly un-painful, given the severity of the break and the fact that they can't immobilise it in plaster, and I'm now able to do most things with my right hand that don't involve lifting anything or raising the arm too high.

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