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Racing Motorcycles for sale (UK)

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The end of the 1996 season saw many of Bemsee's riders moving to new bikes or different classes, or taking a break from racing. Most of these ads are now rather out of date, but it's worth trying anyway. Please send me any new ads (racebikes, or potential race bikes only, please), and tell me if any of these are sold.

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Click on any entry in the table below for more details on the bike.

Note: This page is provided by Roger Ford as a service to fellow racers. Please check all details with the sellers, and tell them you saw the ad on the Internet.

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Bike Owner Price Phone
Road KR-1S Tony Dennehey 3800 01904 410188
Kawasaki ZXR400 Andy Yarnold 3800 01904 410188
Honda 540 Single Jocelyn Sparks 1300 0171 833 2671
Kawasaki KR-1S Kevan Powell 1600 01304 832273
Suzuki RGV250M Shaun Baldock 2500 01303 240690
Kawasaki KR-1S Stephen Reynalds 1600 01458 210498
Suzuki RGV250M Lawrence Hopper 3000 01304 831779
Yamaha TZ250A x 2 Tim Mathias 2500 each 01233 632187
Yamaha TZ250E Paul Ditton 5995 01304 822742
Honda CBR600FN Damien Rowley 3500 0378 158042
Honda CBR600FS Kevin Nevill 5800 01268 753547
Kawa KX500 Single Kris Holland 1950 01483 79755
Honda RS125 Peter Basile 1800 01494 447196
Yamaha 250 LC Andy Nichols 600 01689 822293
Yamaha 350 LC Andy Nichols 850 01689 822293
Kawasaki KR-1S Phil ?? 1400 01737 217637
Kawasaki ZXR750 Dave Stewart 5000 01304 831715
CBR600 Outfit Peter Knight (PK) 5000 0181-671 2553

Roger Ford's RGV250s are now both SOLD. Sorry!

Andy Yarnold's Team MAG Sport ZXR400

Engine: 68hp 155+mph. Rebuild at start of 96 season. Gas flowed head, REC valves, 0.5mm overbore pistons. New clutch. Total loss ignition. Stage 7 dynojet kit. Skorpion exhaust.

Frame: Revalved forks. ZXR750 rear damper unit with 400 spring also revalved. Full set of sprockets, some spares.

Auto 66 Championship winner. Will help local novice.

Andy Yarnold:

Phone: 01904 410188 (York)

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Tim Mathias' 2 x TZ250A's

One - TZ250A Ex Karl Bristow, Graham File tuned and prepared. Spare bodywork, wets on wheels.

Spares including heads, barrells, gearing, etc. 2500.

Two - also a TZ250A. Recent engine rebuild including crank, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th gears, clutch, pistons & rings, spare bodywork, wets on wheels, gearing jetting and all stands, etc. 2600.

Tim Mathias:

Eves: 01233 632187
Fax: 01303 814197
Work: 01303 812197
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Jocelyn Sparks' Honda 540 Single

Only two meetings in 1995, unused in 1996. Formerly successfully campaigned by Bruce Simpson. Beautifully prepared bike with 540 Honda engine in nickel-plated CB250RS frame.
Spares include tank, frame, fairing, sprockets, wheels and paddock stand. A snip at 1300.

Contact Owen Hilton: 0171 833 2671 (9am - 5pm)
0181 692 2163 (evenings before 10pm)

Stephen Reynald's KR-1S

Kawasaki KR-1S 250. Double championship winner (North Glos.) Loads of spares. 1600

Stephen Reynalds: 01458 210498

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Damien Rowley's CBR600

CBR600FN (1992). Road registered (K-reg). Mark Hill Performance motor, 98bhp at rear wheel. Dynojet, Micron exhaust, revalved forks, EMC race shock. 3500 ono.

Damien Rowley: Home: 01932 782306 (Sunbury)
Mobile: 0378 158042

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Paul Ditton's 1993 TZ250E

Open-class Grand Prix 250. 3rd in 1995 TT. Many spares including barrells, heads, crank, wets on wheels. 6595.

Paul Ditton: 01304 822742

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Dave Stewarts ZXR750

ZXR-750K Hicken suspension, Harris linkage, 39mm flat-slides. 5000.

Dave Stewart at Bemsee 01304 831714,
Fax: 01304 831715

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Kevan Powell's KR-1S

Kawasaki KR-1S 1990. Road registered with log book. 1995 Graham File Motor, just rebuilt. Trick paint. Load of money spent. 1600. Spares available separately.

Kevan Powell: 01304 832273 (Dover)

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Andy Nichols' LC's

250 LC: Engine rebuild inc. new crank. Taymar tuned engine. 600 - consider part ex. road bike or racing scooter.

350 LC: Race winner. Wets on wheels, many spares. 850.
Rebuilt 350 LC motor 300 - complete rebuild including crank, pistons, etc.

Andy Nichols: 01689 822293. Orpington.

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Lawrence Hopper's RGV250

Suzuki RGV250M. Dave Hammond's old RGV. Fully kitted. Ultra reliable, proven race winner. Very fast. Heaps of spares, including barrels, heads, crank, crankcases, carb, rad, levers, etc. With wets on wheels. 3000 ono.

Lawrence Hopper: 01304 831779

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Shaun Baldock's RGV250

Suzuki RGV250M. Graham File tuned. Immaculate condition, loads of spares. 2500.

Shaun Baldock: 01303 240690 (Folkestone)

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Peter Basile's RS125

Honda RS125. 1995 Spec motor (1991 bike).

Carbon fairing. Keen tuned, Tony Green pipes. 1800.

Peter Basile: 01494 447196 after 6pm.

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Kevin Nevill's CBR600

Honda CBR600FS. Bob Farnham tuned. Immaculate, loads of spares. 5800

Kevin Nevill: 01268 753547

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Kris Holland's KX500 Single

Kawasaki KX500 (two-stroke) MX engine in custom frame. 63hp and 101kg (222lbs) dry.
17 wins and 16 second places speak for themselves. 1950.

Kris Holland: 01483 79755

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Phil's KR-1S

Kawasaki KR-1S 250. Graham File tuned, 61hp. Recent rebuild, spares. 1400.

Phil: 01737 217637

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PK's CBR600 FII Sidecar Outfit

Superclub win, 100.44mph TT.

CBR600FN. Ready to race. Engine just rebuilt by Dynotech for 1997.

Owner leaving country so all kit and spares to go. Pref sell with Luton van transporter. Workshop, double bed, awning, ramps, lights, etc.

5000 for everything. Will split or take offers.

Also CBR600FN engine for sale. Race winner. 1250 or offers.

PK (Peter Knight): 0181-671 2553

It could be you taking home the laurels next season!

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