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Team MAG Sport Race Report
Roger Ford
Bemsee Championship Round One
Brands Hatch, 1st March 1997


Not an auspicious start to the 1997 Bemsee championship. Although I learnt a lot, I never really got my race head on, and had to settle for basically three mid-field positions.

In my defence, yer honour:

Enough excuses?

The good news is that I acquitted myself well against the "new boys" on 250s. I was only consistently beaten by Darren Thomas - my nemesis from the Formula Junior class last year. Darren is very fast - hopefully he'll be concentrating on national racing this year.

As the 250s are riding in Open 1300 class this year, I got to race against my friend Gareth Piggott on his FireBlade - our 6-hour endurance bike. We haven't raced together since we were both on KR-1S's. Gareth was gleefull that he managed to beat me in the first two races, but things finally started to come together for the last race, when I beat him and the other CBR ridden by Blade Runners' Barry Watts.

I know that I wasn't anywhere near the bike's limits, and yet I managed to get round Brands faster than ever before (at 51.34 seconds) and my fastest lap in the final race was only one second off that of the winner.

I'm hoping that things will really come together for the MCN Pound day at Brands on the 23rd March. The Pound Day is always a great meeting, with a huge audience by club racing standards. I had my first ever trophy and second ever win at Pound Days, so I've got some history to live up to.

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